Sharon Ong

Couple and Newborn Baby

These are the photos that I took with a couple, and it was a great experience photographing them! These two brighten up together, they are lovely and pure, and as they are preparing for the arrival of their newborn baby, I am excited to photograph them…

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Linda Chen

Family Photography At Park

I love to take photography of this family! They just love the beauty and nature of the world, so I decided to help them create the most memorable and simple photography for them to cherish…

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Li Shi

Mother and Her Children

Here are the latest photos from a great session I had last week with Li Shi and her three adorable children. We went to the park, and had so much fun creating a set of beautiful memories. The kids were so cute, and the family just loved their photographs…

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Yu Zhen Janice

City Family Photography

I went to the cities, and had so much fun creating a set of beautiful memories with this family. The kid was so cute, and the family just loved their photographs. We went to different locations of the cities such as bridges, houses, the entrance etc., to take great photos…

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Outdoor Fun

A key to this fun session? Preparation! I guide them to different places to take photography, I find place that have water splash to create incredible photos and we walk to other places to see if I can create more good photography…

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Fun Day At The Marina Barrage

A few months ago, I met this adorable family at the Marina Barrage. They came on Sunday, a holiday for parents and kids to relax from work and enjoy a day of fun…

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