Fun Day At The Marina Barrage

A few months ago, I met this adorable family at the Marina Barrage. They came on Sunday, a holiday for parents and kids to relax from work and enjoy a day of fun…

While the kids were full of energy, they absolutely want to play with parents and spend the day with full of amusement. The calm river and the nature were a serene background to the portrait session. Family outdoor photo shoot can be awesome as long as you are having fun and happy at all times as a whole. It is beautiful and pleasing to capture the precious moments of the family. To get great family photos, I make sure the family are enjoying themselves and be happy.

Sister ran and tried to wrestle with her brother, but he was focused on only one thing: Trying to enjoy the scenery of Marina Barrage on his own. He’s having so much fun that a giant smile is lighting his face. The siblings were having so much fun that their parents are joyful and contented. This family is so wonderful and energetic that they are not tired throughout the day. I really do admired this family and I hope that I can help them take more photography next time.