Li Shi

Mother and Her Children

Here are the latest photos from a great session I had last week with Li Shi and her three adorable children. We went to the park, and had so much fun creating a set of beautiful memories. The kids were so cute, and the family just loved their photographs…

I remember that it was a bright day in the afternoon and I immediately liked Li Shi’s carefree personality and her friendly manner, and how well she smiled at the camera. So, move on to the children topic, this three kids are very well-loved as they are all boys. They care one another by acting different poses and I managed to capture their nice photos and funny moments.

Siblings learning to take care of one another and a mother being supportive is very important, it builds and enhance strong bonds between the mother and siblings. When they are caring one another, they are also prepared to care for the newborn baby soon. Whether it’s sharing things or giving instructions to one another, they settle it by telling one another on what to do and patiently act out. I really hope that these kids grow up to become great people and love their mother just like how they love one another.