Linda Chen

Family Photography At Park

I love to take photography of this family! They just love the beauty and nature of the world, so I decided to help them create the most memorable and simple photography for them to cherish…

Big and shiny eyed, so beautiful, full of love and big hugs for each other, their affection comes through in every frame! Big sister has so much personality already and she has behaved amazingly all through the session. Imagine the little sister yet to be born is arriving soon, it will add more fun and excitement to the family.

Ten minutes into a session, I sat them up for a shot, then stepped back and waited. I live for that perfect moment when the family forget I am there and just focus on each other. When the connection is genuine and true emotion comes out, amazing images are out. Every photos that the family took shows that they really care about their child, so I make sure to take an astonishing photos of the child and even a picture of only her! The weather on that day was really awesome, we spend less time but more time on taking more photos as every photos look great. I wish this family keep their happiness forever!