Outdoor Fun

A key to this fun session? Preparation! I guide them to different places to take photography, I find place that have water splash to create incredible photos and we walk to other places to see if I can create more good photography…

Every places that we went were a beautiful backdrop for their family portraits and it tells the story of where their little family lives and grows at this stage of their lives right now. Also, I gave tips on how they can pose different styles in order to get good photos, and their pose brought out satisfying photography.

Whether it’s father with son or mother with son photography, the family wants the very best photos of their son and enjoy themselves to the fullest. For every hours and minutes, they ensure they can give their son a surprise. This family treat their son as their precious gem, So I decided to bring out clear photos of their son and with different kinds of backdrop as you can see from the photos. Thank you to this little guy for his radiant smiles to be obvious and his emotional connection to be strong. Again, thank you to this family for sharing their mutual warmth, love, and support with me for one glowing afternoon.