Sharon Ong

Couple and Newborn Baby

These are the photos that I took with a couple, and it was a great experience photographing them! These two brighten up together, they are lovely and pure, and as they are preparing for the arrival of their newborn baby, I am excited to photograph them…

We went to the Waterfront Park at Woodlands to took great photos and create memories. It was wonderful to have the couple with me to take photos while strolling through the beautiful Waterpark Park, a park that became their nice and delightful home. Sharon’s radiant smile and the great environment in the Park created an atmosphere of quiet joy that I feel every time I look at these images.

I took great photography of the couple with the pictures or items of their baby yet to be born. The couple that are waiting happily for their unborn child to born, took the best photos of themselves first before the baby’s turn and they turn up to have a lot of great poses at different locations. I believe that when the baby is born, it will bring more fun and laughter to the couple and I hope to photography them again. Babies is the best gift for couples to be able to form a family and gain great experience.