Yu Zhen Janice

City Family Photography

I went to the cities, and had so much fun creating a set of beautiful memories with this family. The kid was so cute, and the family just loved their photographs. We went to different locations of the cities such as bridges, houses, the entrance etc., to take great photos…

As they are having fun, I make sure I can capture the smiles on each family member faces. And they looked genuinely in love with each other after a lifetime together.  This family was so sweet and loving, I had the best time with them!

The family is also waiting for their another child to born and bring more laughter and happiness to them. Everyday, they hope that by loving their child, they can also share love to their newborn baby soon. But above else, it was this awesome family that made my heart happy.  I know it sounds weird but I’m really fell for this family right away. The beautiful smiles, shining eyes, and their open-armed love made me realize the feeling that comes from being in love and together, the feeling of brave and unlimited optimism. This is why I love photographing weddings and families, it’s all about the emotions they brought out.